Call for Projects

Spoken Web Anthology Project

Deadline for Proposals October 17th

Send 250 to 300 words describing artifact to be annotated, collection it belongs to, possible ideas for annotations, and use in your research, in preparation for 2,000-word introduction that contextualizes your artifact and annotations in dialogue with ongoing scholarly conversations.

Also include a possible list of 3 sources that you would consult in writing an introduction to your annotated recording.
Indicate if you want to participate in a panel discussing the anthology and your research for the SpokenWeb Symposium in Edmonton at the University of Alberta May 1-3 and/or an ADHO panel at The University of Graz, Austria July 10-14.

Proposals will receive the go-ahead and offered feedback within one week.

Proposals should be sent to Zoe Bursztajn-Illingworth and Trent Wintermeier

Check back later for new projects.

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